Valentin Adam

1. Expo DSAA. Poster for the year end's show at the Olivier de Serres school .
2. Tatiana font. Typographic research.
3. Hommes/Femmes. 2nd prize at 'Students, all to Chaumont', 2008.

Speaking about the Hommes/Femmes poster (translation mistakes if any are my fault): "Instead of having an institutional message about the equality between men and women, I preferred to talk in graphics. These graphics shape the letters. The topic was too big and too open, and involved things that don't particularly interest me. It seemed too trite to speak of sex equality or conyugal violence. In the end I represented the real statistics. I love this type of aesthetics because it is in front of us without really being paid attention to."—

Valentin Adam is a graphic designer based in France. He studied graphics at the Olivier de Serres school of art and design in Paris.
via thestrangeattractor.

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