Clap Clap

Packaging for 'Cicatriz Clothing'
clapclap: Gustav Hederström + Björn Lundevall. Stockholm.

Jen Corace

b. New Jersey. Rhode Island School of Design, BFA Illustration. Lives and works in Rhode Island.

Piero Fornasetti

(From a licensed Fornasetti project in collaboration with Barnaba Fornasetti)

(1913-1988). Lived most of his life in Milan, attending the Brera Art Academy from 1930-32. During World War II, he went into exile in Switzerland from 1943-46. A constant motif in his work was the face of a woman, operatic soprano Lina Cavalieri.

Jeroen Bruijn

1. LP cover.
2. Poster for museum's night in Amsterdam. in collaboration with Thonik.
Founder of Jeroen Bruijn studio.
b.1976. Graphic design. Royal Academy for Arts and Crafts, Hague 2002.

Keren Richter
Art History, Columbia University
Design and Illustration at Parsons School of Design and Central Saint Martins College
Brooklyn, New York. US.

Jeana Sohn
b. in Korea | Los Angeles, US

Anthony Sheret

Art Direction proposals for Simon Wilcox's album 'The Charm & The Strange'.
Ideal food presentation. It would be lovely if they would deliver coffee like this.

Andreas Pihlström

1. Universal Everything's Advanced Beauty Project', 2008.
2. Type: Cloud Two.
b.1978. Stocklhom, Sweden. Typography, code, movable and static shapes.

Igor Zimmermann

Video art—
Beckmans School of Design, Stockholm

Qian Qian

b. 1979 based in New York City.
University of Edinburgh, UK |Digital media design Master
Initiator and curator of Get It Louder, design exhibition in China.