Yago Hortal


When finding these paintings for a moment I wondered if they were a new series of Gerhard Richter's overpainted photographs. The colors used were much more striking though. They were made by Yago Hortal (1983), a spanish painter based in Berlin who happens to have a very rich and fluid use of acrylic.

Flo de Richefort

Photos by Stephan Massé


—Flo de Richerfort is Florian Roth, a young creator from the parisien atelier Chardon Savard. In June 2009, his jewelry line appeared in the italian magazine Grazia alongside those of Yohji Yamamoto and Christian Lacroix. "These days, my sewing machine and I dress poetic and sometimes pathetic people. The role of each piece is being brought in everyday life, giving life to matter, and to color."

—In this collection he proposes a fresh and androgynous line in pastel colors, full of eye catching elements like his jackets-vests with silk-screened Miami-esque landscapes. The cuts are simple, comfortable, and organic with decorative details in gold, ribbons, pearls, and soft and joyful colors.