Merijn Hos

A mixture of escapism and organized confusion. Merijn Hos (1978, Enschede, NL) who is also known under his alias Bfree, is an artist and illustrator from Utrecht, the Netherlands. Represented in the US by Hugo and Marie, he graduated in 2004 from the Utrecht School of Visual Arts with a B.F.A in Illustration. Follow his latest projects on Twitter.

Joachim Baan

Connected- a project to map the links of graphic designers between each other.

Joachim Baan (1979) is a Dutch graphic designer, photographer and art director with a passion for aesthetics and contemporary design. Anothercompany, his creation, operates in art, fashion and communication. As a photographer, he has published his work under the title 'For as long as I can't remember'. Find him on Twitter / Facebook / Flickr / Ffffound / Behance.

Studio OOOms

"We design products, small or big, for ourselves and for others. We focus on high quality and originality." Studio OOOMS is run by Guido Ooms and Karin van Lieshout. Guido Ooms (’74) graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven in 2000. After working as a freelance designer at different companies he started his own studio. Next to running the studio he also teaches design at the School of Arts in Utrecht. Karin van Lieshout (’74) graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven in 2001. She has a degree in teaching (BIK, professional artist in class) and worked in various design collectives before she joined forces with Guido.

Elisabeth Arkhipoff

"Elisabeth Arkhipoff is an artist and designer who lives and works in Paris and New York. She was born in Ivory Coast in 1973 to a Russian father and an Armenian mother. Graduating Paris X university with a BA in Contemporary Literature and Philosophy, she started her artistic career in 2000 at the Paris Museum of Modern Art with an experimental free-lending library.

Her practice embraces music, painting, sculpture, photography, video, installation and drawing which explores the functioning and selectivity of memory and its building of identity. Her works have been reproduced in several catalogues and magazines including: Frieze, Süddeutsche Zeitung, Creative Review, IDEA, ZOO, Vogue, Ryuko Tsushin, +81, Self Service, Dazed & Confused, Studio Voice and"

Icelandic Love Corporation

1. Places of worship, 2001
2. Freedom Beauty Free time, 1997.
3. Women Good Enough To Eat, 1997

Eirún Sigurðardóttir, Jóní Jónsdóttir, Dora Isleifsdottir and Sigrún Hrólfsdóttir aka the Icelandic Love Corporation have been making artworks together since 1996.

Corriette Schoenaerts

MAPS Rails Magazine, issue 54.
Photography by Corriette Schoenaerts
Styling by Emmeline de Mooij.

"The central theme of the magazine was countries and borders. As opposed to traditional fashion photography where the newest clothes are displayed on a human body in order to sell an ideal, I created still lives depicting maps and landscapes."—Corriette Schoenaerts.

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Zion Graphics

Zion Graphics is a swedish studio created by the designer Ricky Tillblad, Jonas Kjellberg and the producer Jeanette Rogosic.
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Minni Havas

Helsinki based illustrator Minni Havas, is represented by Pekka Finland. She currently studies fashion design at the University of Art and Design in Helsinki. via C3line

Serge Seidlitz

I am not an artist: the daily oddissey of the creative process. For the Elisava School of Design in Barcelona.

Serge Seidlitz, an English/German born in Kenya in 1977, is a talented illustrator who combines elements of popular culture to create an iconic graphic language that explores innovative and original ideas. — "SooninTokyo commissioned me to draw a story about a man who is struggling with a creative idea. The posters are to advertise and promote Elisava School of Design in Barcelona and is named after the slogan of the school - 'I'm not an artist': The daily odyssey of the creative process. The artwork has been used for posters, print ads (featured in Creative Review), and a book. You can see all the artwork in more detail at the exciting interactive website."

Sema Bekirovic

As one of the reasons for the existence of Skyscrapers is the maximization of space where land is scarce, as in the centres of big cities, to see them in the middle of a deserted landscape renders them as estranged animals out of their habitat and therefore has me thinking once again of gigantic still lifes, mute constructions and artificial realities..

"Sema Bekirovic creates photographs, videos and installations which capture the friction created by the chances of nature and design of culture. In some works she plays with the tension between gaining and letting go of control; creating situations in which things can occur or happen spontaneously, and letting chance decide how the work will develop. In other works she presents nature as something beyond control - that which we try so hard to control by means of culture. She considers photography an organic medium that can be shaped in many directions as long as the images don’t show what is, but what might be."

Noma Bar

Noma Bar has the particular ability to abstract and associate symbolic characteristics of complex personalities and situations and convert them into iconic images. His work is available in print in the books 'Guess Who - The Many Faces of Noma Bar', 2008 and 'Negative Space', 2009.

Born in Israel in 1973, Noma Bar studied graphic design and typography at the Jerusalem Academy of Art & Design. He has been based in London since 2001. —"As part of my research, I read a lot. Then I think and do a lot of sketches. I’ll never go to work on the computer unless I have ideas first. I live opposite an amazing wood in London, and you can usually find me sitting there for hours and sketching. Sometimes the icon or symbol leads me to the face, but usually it’s the other way around."—Interviewed by the New Yorker.

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Eduardo e Matheus

Read more about the Sao Paulo based Eduardo Sancinetti and Matheus Chiaratti at youthdrip.

Sarah Abbott


Sarah Abbott graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University in fine art, and lives and works in Sheffield England. Follow her latest projects on Flickr / Etsy / Tumblr / Twitter.

Jaci Kessler

Celebkultur. Photographic series of fractured, multidimensional portraits.

Brooklyn based Jaci kessler (b.1989), is an artist and a student at Pratt. —"Artistic focus: First I wanted to design video games. Later I got into illustration. And now I’ve started combining the two through graphic design. Eventually I’d like to be my own design company—design posters and CD covers and shirts, while staying away from corporate art as much as possible."—Interview magazine.

Brenna Murphy

Dissection and repetition in the work of Portland based artist Brenna Murphy. Find more about him on Flickr / Vimeo / Blog.

Nathalie du Pasquier

Beautiful hues. I am always fascinated by the architectural quality of objects. Probably that is what is cautivating about still lifes, they are like landscapes on a table.

"Nathalie du Pasquier was born in Bordeaux (France) in 1957, she has lived in Milano since 1979. Until 1986 she worked as a designer and was a founder member of Memphis for which she designed many textiles, carpets, furniture and objects. When the group broke up in 87, painting became her main activity."

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Anneka Tran

Anneka is a freelance illustrator based in Staffordshire, England. Follow her latest projects on Flickr / Blogger.

Anatoly Zenkov

Moscow based Anatoly Zenkov is an art director, designer, and interactive programmer. Follow him on Twitter / Flickr / Vimeo.

Olga Ert

Olga Ert aka inkpanda, an illustrator based in Ulan-Ude, Russia. Follow her latest projects on Behance / Flickr.

Sara Huston

I really like the statement that Sarah Huston wrote about her work: "I am neither an artist nor a designer, I work as both. I dedicated 7 years of my life getting a bfa in sculpture and a mfa in 3d design. I have an appreciation and love for both disciplines and feel that one can not survive without the other. The work I do lies adjacent to design and at the same time in opposition to it. My work challenges the user and makes them question their expectations of something they are familiar with. Through the constant denial of sensible utility I hope to uncover the way furniture communicates.

My work is derived from domestic home furniture typologies that are then filtered through the aesthetic and a formal sensibility of minimalism. The pieces, scale, composition, form, color, positioning in a space, and relationship to the body provoke a sense of familiarity. I allow for signifiers of use, such as a door, shelf, or a drawer, with these elements becoming just enough information for the viewer/user to relate to. By finding a middle ground between art and design, I am not elevating art or design, but regaining control of my own work one object at a time."

Sara lives in Portland, Oregon and has started a design studio with John Paananen.

Isabel Samaras

1. Song of birth: the three magi. 2. Song of the Finch. Oil on wood.
Born in NYC, Isabel Samaras is a graduated from Parsons School of Design in NYC and lives and works in San Francisco.

Sandra Suy
Sandra Suy (b.1977) is a fashion illustrator based in Barcelona, Spain. Find more about her on Myspace / Dripbook.

Joanna Gorska & Jerzy Skakun

American, Czechoslovakian, and Sovietic Cinema in Polish Posters. Available at Pigasus poster gallery.

Joanna Gorska and Jerzy Skakun are Homework, a Varsovia based graphic design studio founded in 2002 . Their work has been exhibited at the Poster Biennial in Varsovia and at the international Poster Biennial in Mexico. via Berlindesign, ajourneyaroundmyskull.

Felix Auer

Felix Auer (b.1986) is an austrian illustrator and graphic artist based in Vienna.

"I was searching a long time for my own technique. Since I started to work as an illustrator and graphic artist I was fascinated with the differences and possibilities of digital and traditional media. In my illustrations I like to play with the viewer. Actually my works are dealing with pretty dark subjects like death, sickness, isolation, depression and fear, but are concealed by bright and strong colors, representing our society where these subjects are not accepted but being pushed away."

You can find him also on Facebook.