Noma Bar

Noma Bar has the particular ability to abstract and associate symbolic characteristics of complex personalities and situations and convert them into iconic images. His work is available in print in the books 'Guess Who - The Many Faces of Noma Bar', 2008 and 'Negative Space', 2009.

Born in Israel in 1973, Noma Bar studied graphic design and typography at the Jerusalem Academy of Art & Design. He has been based in London since 2001. —"As part of my research, I read a lot. Then I think and do a lot of sketches. I’ll never go to work on the computer unless I have ideas first. I live opposite an amazing wood in London, and you can usually find me sitting there for hours and sketching. Sometimes the icon or symbol leads me to the face, but usually it’s the other way around."—Interviewed by the New Yorker.

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