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Dialogica is Monica and Sergio Savarese
New York/California, US

Jamie Chung

[h] Photography
New York, US

Olaf Hajek


—I try to combine modern, contemporary with traditional, folkloric elements. Natural elements are inspiring, in that they always look different. It is somehow something that you can approach as your own creation.
—I work only in analogue style. I work as a painter. When I start working is all aout brushes, colours, backgrounds, patterns. The only digital thing is when I scan the work to send it to the client.
—There is a fine line between art and illustration. I'm an artistic illustrator, and to be able to work in personal projects gives me a lot of freedom.

Interiewed by die Gestalten.

Luke Ramsey

'Flying High'

Jaime Pitarch

1. Cyclops, 2002
2. Chernobyl, 2007
3. From Nowhere to Nowhere, 2006


"The objects I choose as a point of departure to make my work are varied in their nature. I perceive man's gigantic material production as a reflection of an existential anxiety that is always pushing him into successive cycles of invention, re-invention and consumption. On the one hand this has shaped dominant social and economical models but, on the other, these have proved inadequate to maintain spiritual wellness or sanity.

This is why I am interested in mundane objects, because art should have the capacity of relocating them in a spiritual context, and because, if we could manage to reunite all of them in a metaphysical museum, they would draw a phenomenal taxonomy of the absurd. I guess this is why there is always a slight sense of humor and tragedy in many of my works."

Jaime Pitarch, born in Barcelona in 1963. Lives and works in Barcelona.
1995 M.A. Painting. Royal College of Art, London, UK
1993 B.A. (Hons)- Painting. Chelsea College of Art, London, UK