Paul Grabowski

Poster entirely made of fonts -for the 54th Type Directors Club Show /auf der drupa/ 2008 in Düsseldorf.
'The 54th Show staged by Type Directors Club of New York (TDC) had its worldwide premiere at Drupa 2008. From its beginnings as a members-only competition for Madison Avenue’s type devotees, the award has grown into the world’s highest typography and graphic design honour. Today, an award from the Type Directors Club of New York is considered the equivalent of an Oscar for typography — known to jumpstart careers and earn winners points in creative rankings. Wherever the TDC Show opens its doors, the typography and type design scene gathers to exchange news and views as well as explore beyond the boundaries of the discipline.'

3 deep

3 Deep Design is a design and image agency based in Australia with representation in New York, Tokyo and Europe. 'Creativity, craftmanship, vanguard, sophisticated, memorable, luxury, intuitive, emotional and intellectually driven design.'


Modern Crystal Lighting. Ola Crystal lamps by italian company Masiero
The traditional crystal drops presented in a modern way and available in softly colored hues.

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'Stiletto is a design studio based in New York and Milan that specializes in art direction and design for print and video. It was co-founded in 2000 by Stefanie Barth and Julie Hirschfeld. The studio takes on projects spanning from print to motion for both local and international clients.'
New York, US

Merdanchik a.k.a. Merdanchik Sanchos-Yohanson was born in 1983, and lives and work in Moscow, Russia.

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Font Book Collection 01, Dalton Maag.

'Established in 2001 by Phil Costin and Ian Styles, Mode prides itself of being a creatively pioneering design consultancy, developing work that truly inspires for a range of both cultural and corporate clients.'

Julien Barberousse

Constructions I.

These series of conceptual architecture by Julien Barberousse gather diverse elements that have a strong resonance in me: constructions, buildings, and experimental architecture, the defiance of the laws of physics, and the harmonic coexistence of color.

Ben Schlitter

Mathryoska dolls, 2009.

Sea Hyun Lee

'These are paintings of a lost past, of disappearing landscapes and eroding memories. “The landscape no longer exists, and so I have to paint it,” Lee explains. But his paintings are never simply about the longing to recover the past. They are, instead, about the very process of reconstitution itself.'

born in Geoje Island, S. Korea, 1967. Lives and works in London.

Jonathan Zawada

Ministry of Sound Mashed 5

Personas Online Data

Personas Online Data Portraits

Aaron Zinman’s Personas shows you how the internet sees you. 'It allows you to see how the machine is working, revealing the computer's uncanny insights and inadvertent errors such as the mischaracterizations caused by the inability to separate data from multiple owners of the same name.'

Studio Job

Paper table lamp, 2008. photo: Maarten Van Houten.
Paper and cardboard furniture, 2005: buffet, cabinet, side table, table. photo: Maarten Van Houten.

The lead designers of Studio Job are Job Smeets and Nynke Tynagel, who met while attending the Design Academy Eindhoven. Studio Job was formed by Smeets after he graduated in 1998; Tynagel joined him upon her graduation in 2000.

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Büro X

'Ob Geschäftsberichte, Corporate Design, Shop Design, Editorial Design oder Package Design - so unterschiedlich die Kundenprofile und Aufgabenstellungen in jedem einzelnen Fall sind, so individuell und entsprechend maßgeschneidert sind auch die Konzepte und Gestaltungslösungen von Büro X.'

Denis Kutcha

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'I am a graphic designer based in Vilnius, Lithuania. My specialties are lettering, illustration and graphic design. I have the passion for dimensional objects and shapes.'

Dmitriy Donskoy

Portrait of Protey Temen with some of his work.

Hema live webshop

A clever online commercial introducing HEMA online shopping:

HEMA is a Dutch department store chain. The chain is characterized by relative low pricing of generic housewares, which are mostly made by and for the chain itself. The first HEMA opened in Amsterdam on November 4th, 1926. Locations carry a wide variety of goods, including clothing, food, bicycle equipment, gardening tools, and office supplies. This commercial was launched on 2007. For the real online shopping page 
click on "online winkelen" ("winkelen" is Dutch for "to shop")

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Mathieu Lehanneur

Bucky's nightmare. Biomorph leather chair.

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Josef Frank

(Austria, 1885 - Sweden, 1967)

Architect, designer, and theorist, his work is closely identified with the Swedish Modern aesthetic that emerged in 1930s and was widely admired in the decades following the Second World War. Educated in Vienna he worked on architecture and interiors and after the war he entered academic life, becoming Professor of Building Design at the Wiener Kunstgewerbeschule in 1919, a post he held until 1925. From 1921 to 1924 he worked alongside Peter Behrens, Josef Hoffmann, Oskar Straad, and Oskar Wlach on the design of Viennese apartment buildings and, in the following year, founded the Haus und Garten interior design firm.

But Frank fell from grace when he emerged as a forceful critic of the extremes of modern architecture and design during the early 1930s. Dismissing the demands for a unified modern style, Frank insisted that it was pluralism, not uniformity, that most characterized life in the new machine age. He called instead for a more humane modernism, one that responded to people's everyday needs and left room for sentimentality and historical influences.

In 1932 he made contact with Estrid Ericson, the founder of Stockholm furnishings firm Svenskt Tenn, and two years later emigrated to Sweden where he would work as a chief designer for the company until his death 33 years later. His work came to define Swedish (or Scandinavian) modern design, producing colorful, cozy, and eclectic designs that provided a refreshing alternative to the architectural mainstream of the day and presaged the coming revolt against modernism in the 1960s. Source.

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