Agata Nowicka

Agata Nowicka is an illustrator based in Warsaw. Follow her latest works and projects on her Flickr.

Claudia Luthi

“Black and white photography captures the magic of theoretical thought, in that they transform the lineal discourse of theory in surfaces. There lies the particularity of its beauty, which is the beauty of the conceptual universe.” Vilem Flusser —Text that accompanies the artist's black and white series.

Claudia Luthi is a photographer based in Lima, Peru.

Laura Jurt

Laura Jurt was born in 1979 in Sursee, Lucerne, Switzerland. She graduated in 2004 from the Lucerne School of Art and Design, in Visual Communication/ Illustration. She works as a freelance Illustrator in Zürich.


Exhibition/collaborative show with Bora Tanay.

"UFEX is a digital design collective comprised of Mikkel Møller Andersen and Kasper Fjederholt, based out of London and Copenhagen respectively. They often create “analog” sculptures that are photographed and constructed in a way to make them appear inexplicably digital."

Felipe Rocha

Felipe Rocha (1990) is a graphic designer based in Sao Paulo, Brazil. He is a student at Mackenzie, a traditional university in Sao Paulo, and for the past 3 years he has been collecting experience as a self trained designer in commercial design while producing at the same time a regular body of personal work. "The Hello Hair girl is my mother, I found this old photo at home a while ago and I decided to use it when a friend of mine asked me if I wanted to contribute to her completion work—where the theme was hair."

Matt Root

1. The Red and Green Blues, 2005. oil and enamel on panel. 33" x 49"
2. Mexico City, 2006. oil and enamel on panel. 33" x 49"
3. Basketball Court in Plantation Ruins, 2007. oil and enamel on board. 33" x 49"

Matt Root lives and works in Tucson, AZ. He graduated in 2005 with a BFA in Painting from the Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore, MD.

via wrongdistance.

Frau Franz

Aisha Franz also known as "Frau Franz was born in Fürth, Germany in 1984 where she was named after an elephant from TV. Now she lives in Kassel where she studies Visual Communication at the Art School. She wants to become an illustrator and comic artist." Follow her latest projects on Flickr.

Bas Zoontjens

Attack, 30x40 cm acrylic & oil on Panel 2009
Dusk till Dust, 100 x 80 cm 2008

—Contemporary art has been marked with the synthesis of various forms of art. Especially, the combination of film, sound, digital art, acrylic, oil and collage have resulted in an almost new form of art. However, it sometimes is also possible to replicate profound synthesis by just using the canvas and paint. The canvas can be used to project ideas that do not belong to the present, the past or the future, but to project thoughts that are not bound by the confinements of time and space.
—Bas Zoontjens is one such artist who creates spectacular effects on the canvas without using a lot of technology. The simplicity of his techniques is contrasted with the images and ideas that go with his painting. A look at his paintings takes the viewer on a journey through space, time and a dimension that humans still have to learn of. Bas is a Dutch artist who shuttles between Rotterdam and Berlin. After having graduated from the Royal Academy of Art & Design (1998) and the Grafic Lyceum Eindhoven, he received several stipends and grants from many Dutch institutions.
—Bas’ art almost takes the viewer to a different universe and a different reality, where one’s own world and subjective reality may seem unreal and out of place.
—Jaiyant Cavale

Bas Zoontjens was born in 1970 in Goirle, Netherlands. He lives and works in Rotterdam/Berlin, Germany.

Wyne Veen

Wyne Veen's photography often "portraits ordinary objects arranged in a mute oddness. Devoid of excess, the sensuous depiction of otherwise unseen objects bathes them with charismatic elegance and underlines the futility of beauty and the relative nature of vanity".

—Why do you spend so much time in bugetstores? (Asked by Onequestioninterview).

Because I appreciate the cheap factory effort that has been put into the products. The objects smell, have sharp edges, aren't suited for their function or are just extremely useless in general, they have ugly colors and you can break them in a split-second. All of this makes them quite tragic but also absurd and funny. The products are never really original, always some half baked reproduction of an existing product from a big(ger) brand. Therefore they reflect a small amount of pretence but not a very credible one. The right kind of failure can be so precious. It shows the passing of time and effort, while something flawless only shows you that it is finished.

She is represented by House of Orange. FInd her also at Myspace / Flickr.