Wyne Veen


Wyne Veen's photography often "portraits ordinary objects arranged in a mute oddness. Devoid of excess, the sensuous depiction of otherwise unseen objects bathes them with charismatic elegance and underlines the futility of beauty and the relative nature of vanity".

—Why do you spend so much time in bugetstores? (Asked by Onequestioninterview).

Because I appreciate the cheap factory effort that has been put into the products. The objects smell, have sharp edges, aren't suited for their function or are just extremely useless in general, they have ugly colors and you can break them in a split-second. All of this makes them quite tragic but also absurd and funny. The products are never really original, always some half baked reproduction of an existing product from a big(ger) brand. Therefore they reflect a small amount of pretence but not a very credible one. The right kind of failure can be so precious. It shows the passing of time and effort, while something flawless only shows you that it is finished.

She is represented by House of Orange. FInd her also at Myspace / Flickr.

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