Rikke Otte

Experimental Typography. 'The concept in this project is to transform music into type. All lyrics were on the outside and graphic elements became the inside experience of the music represented as a poster to be folded out, just as music folds out from the speakers. The inside text is a review of the music, and each graphical element is a representation of a certain sound or instrument from the music.'


—Graphic designer based in Copenhagen, Denmark.
—'I wish to create curiosity. Not just towards my work, but towards life in general. To make people remember that there are different ways of seeing and experiencing life.'

Taiyo Onorato + Nico Krebs

The Hypocondriac 2004

Tonk = Taiyo Onorato & Nico Krebs
born 1979. collaboration since 2003
studied Photography at the University of Art and Design Zurich
live and work in Zurich and Berlin and elsewhere.

Jon McNair

Illustrator (MICA alum) living in Michigan. "Mostly I just draw draw draw, although I'm trying to get more into painting. A good deal of my time is spent imagining what I should draw next. I'm always on the lookout for meeting other artists and participating in cool projects and collaborations, so if you yourself are an artist, don't hesitate to say hi : )"

Found him on http://www.society6.com

Toby Thane

The dandy, 2010


"As an image-maker I am foremost interested in storytelling or in the least, a certain implication of narrative." "I am also interested in the idea of nostalgia, folklore, the folk hero, archetypes in film and literature, and the traditions and sagas of different cultures around the world."—Toby Thane

Marta Caro

Marta Caro is a photographer whose work seems to explore the fine line between belonging and withdrawal, closeness and detachment; between the notion of home and the unknown.



1. Good:Karma, 2008-07-01
2. Fugas ou Fugaz, 2007-10-03
3. Cara Metade, 2010-06-13
4. Bruit:44, 2008-06-20 magazine LAMONO n.44 junio.08 -la unión hace la fuerza - cover ( IbIE + EdJiNN + FR + UiU )


Stine Belden

1. Poster designed in collaboration with petri at blankblank for the Helsinki Biennale
2. Firefly Effect
3. Putsj magazine for 'Natur og Ungdom' for a text by Johan Harstad
4. Owen Palett


Casper Heijkenskjold

1. Proposal for Copenhagen's Night of Culture 2010, where galleries and museums are open until midnight.
2,3. Part of Moonspoon Saloon's "look book" for California 2010.


The work of Casper Heijkenskjold, a danish designer currently doing an internship at Sagmeister's office in NY— is insightful and at timesinterested in inspiring a reflection upon the rol of design in society. "I see the process of communicating visually as a way to explore new paths and a way to get to know myself and the world around me better. It enables me to think about how things are connected and to have fun while I am here."

Craig Redman

Series of Portraits:
—Le Bron


b. in Australian. Lives and works in New York. Co-founder of the collective Rinzen, he works with a colourful and bold style using many mediums, from illustration to painting and sculpture, and in different areas, from typography, pattern and editorial design, animation, and art direction.

Tok Tok

1. Mask III. Serie —Inspiration from primitive tribes.
2. 01016
3. Laundry
4. Mask II. Serie —Inspiration from primitive tribes.
5. Minerals
6. Minerals mask
7. Pool boy

Based in Netherlands. His work uses both illustration and collage.

Gustavo Rubini

Part of the Loser Party Series

Gustavo Rubini takes pictures and draws. Based in Turin, his photography and his illustrations have a distinctive mood of poetic disenchantment. http://www.flickr.com/people/gustavorubini/

Yago Hortal


When finding these paintings for a moment I wondered if they were a new series of Gerhard Richter's overpainted photographs. The colors used were much more striking though. They were made by Yago Hortal (1983), a spanish painter based in Berlin who happens to have a very rich and fluid use of acrylic.

Flo de Richefort

Photos by Stephan Massé


—Flo de Richerfort is Florian Roth, a young creator from the parisien atelier Chardon Savard. In June 2009, his jewelry line appeared in the italian magazine Grazia alongside those of Yohji Yamamoto and Christian Lacroix. "These days, my sewing machine and I dress poetic and sometimes pathetic people. The role of each piece is being brought in everyday life, giving life to matter, and to color."

—In this collection he proposes a fresh and androgynous line in pastel colors, full of eye catching elements like his jackets-vests with silk-screened Miami-esque landscapes. The cuts are simple, comfortable, and organic with decorative details in gold, ribbons, pearls, and soft and joyful colors.


Matthieu Lavanchy

1. The Aftermath. In collaboration with Stefanie Pluta
2. Mr Scuhlman or the Man in the High Castle
3. The Aftermath. In collaboration with Stefanie Pluta


Born in Lausanne, Switzerland in 1986, Matthieu Lavanchy studied photography at ECAL Ecole Cantonale d'Art de Lausanne. He currently lives and works in New York.