Eivind Molvaer

"I'm a norwegian graphic designer, living and working from London since graduating from Central St Martins with a BA (HONS) in Graphic Design (1st) in 2008."


Follow his latest projects in his blog Takk Format and Behance.

Clara Terne

1. Drip Drop
2-3. Pencil perfect.
4. Colour palette I did based on Pencil perfect.

"I graduated from London College of Communication with a BA in graphic design & illustration in July 2008. I currently live and work in Stockholm where I'm also in my final year of MA studies at Konstfack College."


Damien Poulain

Uniqlo paper no.3, 2007 | Still life image of New York


Graphic design, art direction.
Lived and worked in Germany, Spain, Italy, UK.
b. in France. Currently based in East London, UK.

Rui Tenreiro

Fanzine entitled 'The World of Art' done for Soyfriends.
Font and art done in Illustrator (hair-thin).


Born in1979 in Mozambique. Currently based in Sweden where he's doing his MA at KOnsfack School in Stockholm. Rui Tenreiro works as an editor, artist and illustrator. In addition to his own work, Rui also heads up his own publishing company Soyfriends, printing work by the likes of Luke Best and Maja Sten. —Certain.


Tokyo, Japan

Nikolai Saveliev

Brown College Event Promotion, 2007
New York, US


Amsterdam, Netherlands

Bryan Dalton

'Rain or Shine' contribution to Sweet gifs


Bryan Dalton/ Mistake the beautiful
Art direction, Design
Portland, Oregon. US

Nikki Farquharson

'The Poem Poster'. London, UK

Nikki Farquharson is a 24 year old girl based in London, England. She graduated in 2008 from the University of the Arts London LCC in Graphic & Media Design - Typography. "My focus shifts between communincation, colour, pattern and typography.
I also run an external online photo project at randomgotbeautiful.com. Follow her on Flickr / Twitter.

Takashi Iwasaki

b.1982, Japan. Currently based in Manitoba, Canada.