Kasper Florio

http://www.kasper-florio.ch — "Kasper-Florio is the collaborative experience of Larissa Kasper and Rosario Florio. Our working method follows a quality-conscious and conceptual position. We’re aiming for project specific solutions with a strong approach to elaborated and solid typography. Aspiring a mindfully executed design, we work on various commissions in the cultural field, art, fashion and music." —



every-every are London based art director/designer Yo Yota and illustrator Jirayu Koo.

Kill Pixie

Kill pixie is Mark Whalen b.1984 in Sydney, Australia. Meticulously crafted paintings and sculptures, glowing colors and glossy resins, with which Whalen explores ideas on communication, emotion, sexuality, invention, interaction, and ritual.


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Nina Leen

Nina Leen was one of the first women photographers for LIFE. Born in Russia, grew up in Germany, Switzerland and Italy. Upon first arriving in the United States in 1939, her reporter's eye led to a series of the habits and rituals of her newly adopted homeland. In 1945, Leen joined LIFE, producing over 40 covers and countless spreads for the magazine. Her series on, "A Teenager Monopolizes the Telephone," or her descriptions and images of "The American Male," are portraits of the North American society of its time.

Lou Benesch


Lou Benesch is a graphic designer with a master's degree in drawing from ENSAV LaCambre Brussels. Collaborates with Simone Ringer on graphic design studio WINSLOW and art directs PLATEAU magazine.