Aubrey Beardsley

1. The Rape of the Lock.
2. The Toilet of Helene.
3. Portrait of Himself.
4. Athenian Women in Distress.
5. The mask of the Red Death.
6. The Frontispiece to Plays by John Davidson.
7. The Ascension of St. Rose of Lima, 1896.

Born in England in 1872. Died in France in 1898.

"He was closely aligned with Aestheticism, the British counterpart of Decadence and Symbolism. Most of his images are done in ink, and feature large dark areas contrasted with large blank ones, and areas of fine detail contrasted with areas with none at all.

Beardsley was the most controversial artist of the Art Nouveau era, renowned for his dark and grotesque images. His work reflected the decadence of his era and his influence was enormous, clearly visible in the work of the French Symbolists, the Poster art Movement of the 1890s and the work of many later-period Art Nouveau artists like Pape and Clarke. A public character as well as a private eccentric, he once said, "I have one aim—the grotesque. If I am not grotesque I am nothing." source

Images via: Beautifulcentury and Muian.
*I worked in all images to stardardize their color and dimensions.