Masako Ando

1. Princess Diamond Princess Topasz, 2000. Dyptich/Right.
2. Dyptich/Left. Retouched.

Born in 1976 in Aichi, Japan. M.F.A. by the Aichi Prefectual University of Arts and Music.

The work of Masako Ando has a ephemeral quality to it and a delicate execution to match. Crowns of lace, feathers and candy like accessories perfect the fantasy. I retouched the black background in the bottom image to match the black in the top picture because the original has a slightly reddish black. Now the universe here remains to be the unattainable pinkish black.. which in turn reminds me of a very funny and clever Loriot sketch (in german) where he says his favorite color is gray, a greenish, reddish, brownish gray, but otherwise completely grayish gray.

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