Christopher Dresser

Teapot and Creamer, 1880, James Dixon & Sons, silver plate and ebony. Collection of Crab Tree Farm.
Photograph by James Prinz.

I was looking for beautiful or interesting looking teapots when I came across this one which was designed by Christopher Dresser in 1880. If it was not for the tea stains—that I retouched to imagine how it could have look when new, but that you can still see here—I could have easily believed it was made this decade, or that it belonged to the latest collection of a kitchen brand inspired by the 1957 Sputnik satellite.

Christopher Dresser (1834 – 1904) is now widely known as Britain’s first independent industrial designer and as a contributor to the Anglo-Japanese and Aesthetic movements in Britain. Born in Glasgow, Scotland, he attended the Government School of Design, Strand where he received training in design as well as botany. Dresser’s iconic designs are still in production, such as his celebrated oil and vinegar sets and toast rack designs, that are now manufactured by Alessi.—Wikipedia.

In my search I also found this blog, that if you are interested in teapots, I think you will enjoy.

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