Sema Bekirovic

As one of the reasons for the existence of Skyscrapers is the maximization of space where land is scarce, as in the centres of big cities, to see them in the middle of a deserted landscape renders them as estranged animals out of their habitat and therefore has me thinking once again of gigantic still lifes, mute constructions and artificial realities..

"Sema Bekirovic creates photographs, videos and installations which capture the friction created by the chances of nature and design of culture. In some works she plays with the tension between gaining and letting go of control; creating situations in which things can occur or happen spontaneously, and letting chance decide how the work will develop. In other works she presents nature as something beyond control - that which we try so hard to control by means of culture. She considers photography an organic medium that can be shaped in many directions as long as the images don’t show what is, but what might be."

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