Marti Guixé

1. Olive Atomic Snack.
2. Hands-free Lollipop.
3. I-cakes.
4. T-cake/G-power.

Proposals that lie within food, design and art. Food that mimics the shape of its container, cookies with indications of how to bite them, bottles with edible corks, and other projects that involve that you "make them disappear through ingestion".

'Marti Guixé (b.1964) is a Catalonian designer living in Barcelona and Berlin. He graduated in interior design from Elisava in Barcelona in 1985 and enrolled in an industrial design study in Politecnico di Milano|Scuola Polytecnica di Design di Milano in 1986. Guixé is very outspoken in his dislike of design as stylized object and form. Rather than reshaping existing products Guixé’s work seeks to alter ways of seeing and thinking. Design to Guixé needs to evoke constant evaluation of the parameters of function and active engagement and reinvention on the part of the consumer. It is a platform for questioning, visualising and influencing contemporary human behaviour.'

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