Vincent Olinet

1. Pas encore mon histoire, 2008 (Not yet my story)
2. Je vous aimes tous, 2006 (I love you all)
3. Rouge Santa Barbara, 2009 (Santa Barbara lipstick)
4. L'or forgé a la main (Hand forged gold) 2004
5. Je ne peux pas faire des miracles (I can't make miracles) III, 2007.

"The artist's intent is to subvert and play with roles, matter and dimensions. Olinet's fascination for childhood and fairytale, both classic and Walt Disney's, allows him to create fantastical sculptures which are simultaneously attractive and repulsive. His drums recall, from their shape and colour, a playful and circus-like atmosphere, but also hide a darker side to their creation, insomuch as the artist himself defines them as "martial".—Giulio Cattaneo

Vince Olinet (1981) lives and works in Brussels and Singapore.
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