Reiner Riedler

Fake Holidays 2004-2009

When wishes are out of reach, simulation is taking over our leisure time and our holidays. Imaginary worlds are created, often under massive technological exertion, in order to offer us experience as reproducible merchandise. Although the quality of these adventures on demand sometimes proves to be rather dubious, the boom does shed light on one thing: the yearnings and dreams underlying people’s daily lives.—Jens Lindworsky about Fake Holidays.

Reiner Riedler was born in Austria in 1968. He studied photography in Vienna and has published “Albanien, Leben an der Peripherie” 2001, “Ukraine. Fotografien” 2003, “Gestürmte Festung Europa” 2007, and “Fake Holidays” 2009. As a documentary photographer he deals with contemporary topics and his view always centers on the human being in his or her environment.

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