Jin Young Yu


—My works are about the “invisible people.” People who, instead of getting along with others, choose to keep a distance from them, and be invisible or be left alone unconcerned. Instead of trying to fit into the world, they climb into a space of their own and reject other people’s intrusions.
—I was never taught how to do the works I’m doing now. The clear PVC body method is a process I’ve created on my own. Nobody, that I know of, is working with these materials or techniques currently. The faces are also of materials that that sculptors typically don’t use.
—In order to show anywhere in the year I have to be always working. I know there are a lot of other fun things in the world - but if I lose myself in other fun things, I will lose the time to work on my sculptures.
Interviewed by arrestedmotion.

*Images retouched by thescienceofdesign.

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