Alexander Egger

1. People who make noises are dangerous. Zine.
2. The top is just the bottom in reverse. Zine.
3. Pilot project identity.
4. Sex is nostalgia for sex when once it used to be exciting. Zine.
5. Places to go, people to see, things to do. Zine.
::. Zines available via dienacht.

Shyness and discontentment with his own inadequateness is a strong driving force. He likes white and empty rooms because of the space in which things can happen. Has plenty of useless knowledge about a lot of things nobody is interested in. He is not easily impressable but can fall in love with certain incidental movements which are not intended for somebody. Loves the phase between sleep and alertness when thougts and images come to one‘s mind from nowhere in a half aware accidental order compounding to strange combinations. —By Alexander Egger (1971), a graphic designer, illustrator, concept developer, artist, writer, publisher of zines and musician, who lives and works in Vienna.

Images retouched by thescienceofdesign.

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