Bela Borsodi

—In still life photography, every thing can be investigated in so many more and different ways. There are endless possibilities and each one of them has the potential to eventually change our perspective.

—It’s about playing with lots of objects all the time and trying things out, as long as it’s fun and worthwhile. I’m finished with a project when I’m happy with it and that’s when it all falls together and makes sense. The only purpose to reach an end is to finish a project - but it is really not that important to find all the answers. What is really interesting are the questions because they make you try things out, make you think and investigate. The process is what’s interesting and that can lead you to situations and possibilities that you couldn’t have anticipated. The results are then also a documentation of that process.

—If I can manage to have real joy with my projects this can likely also communicate my excitement to other people and perhaps inspire. That’s what I really want to share: humor, obsession, intelligence, curiosity, making an effort…
Interviewed by Pingmag.

Bela Borsodi was born in Vienna and has lived and worked in New York City since the early 1990s. He studied fine art and graphic design and often incorporated photography in his projects. His work offers a surreal imagery that makes clothing and accessories 3-dimensional. His “Foot Fetish” story for V Magazine received both negative and positive responses, which ended up sparking discussions on how the female body is sexualized and objectified in fashion and in art.

Some images retouched by thescienceofdesign.

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