Holger Niehaus

1. Untitled, 2004, color photograph 95x75 cm, edition of 10, MKgalerie Berlin
2. Untitled, 2007, color photograph 130x109 cm, edition of 10, MKgalerie Berlin
3. Untitled, lambda print 113x134, edition of 10, Vanzoetendaal


The image of a baroque composed fruit bowl has an elegant and desolate effect. Niehaus produces a hybrid branch of various blooms with the aid of masking tape, or adds the digitally created clones and the same blooms to a different bouquet. In his work, the known motif of dead nature becomes “Nature tuee” (tuer – fr. to kill).—Tanja von Dahlern, MKgalerie Berlin.

Holger Niehaus. 1975, Nordhorn, Germany. Lives and works in Berlin. In 2002, Niehaus graduated from the AKI Academie voor beeldende kunst en vormgeving in Enschede. Holger Niehaus' main goal is to focus the spectator on the photography or the subject of his images. Where there is no appeal to logic or experience, Niehaus leaves the spectator with wonder.

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  2. I have just visited MK gallery. Very good! I love the last image that I title as the "Flower Power"

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