Ryuji Nakamura

1. Ribbon designed by mina perhonen /Living design gallery Nov 2008 /photo: ryuji nakamura
2. Jin's garden square nagoya-osu /Osu naka-ku nagoya aichi Dec 2007 /photo: daici ano
3. Aurora, fabric vip room for restaurant /Matsumoto nagano 2007 /photo: ryuji nakamura
4. Nami paper chair /Prismic gallery /Nov 2006 /photo: ryuji nakamura

Ryuji Nakamura is a Japanese architect, founder of the architects studio of the same name.


  1. Beautiful! I love the design made in Japan where the minimalist aspect is clearly visible in works of creators coming from that country.
    I must say that I have visited Japan and I felt at home!

  2. Indeed, harmonically so.