Tomáš Werner

Born in 1977 in Czechoslovakia. He studied at the Institute of Creative Photography and obtained a MA in European Studies from the École des hautes études commerciales in Nice, France. He has done stays in Jerusalem and in Mexico City, and in 2007, he was awarded with the Prix BMW—Photomeetings Luxembourg. His work has been exhibited in Bratislava, London, Krakow, and New York.

21x30cm, Chromogenic print on aluminium board

"In this series I humbly aim at concepts of beauty, which is based on a complex of minimal differences between individual interpretations of beauty. I asked various photo-labs to make me a "beautiful" print out of an image, reminiscent of anonymous decorative landscape paintings, to explore the aesthetics of photo-labs, and to question the issues of seriality and multiplicity of a photographic image. In contrast to the process of production of new and new images, here the multiple unity is constituted by a series of minimal differences between the same image. Instead of endlessly repeating different images, I attempted to create difference by repeating the same image."—Tomas Werner, 2009.

If you are in Bratislava, today at 6:00 pm is the opening of the exhibition: Topographies of the immediate present, with the works of Agáta Marzecová, Maroš Krivý, and Tomáš Werner. Gallery Photoport, until 27.11.2009

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