Gaku Ohsugi

1. Masatex Japan Fabric Collection 2008
2. Futaki Knit "F"
3. The Viability of Peacok

Born 1958 in Iwate Prefecture. Graduated a design professional school in 1989. His work has appeared in the fashion magazine Ryukou-Tsushin and in several films including Tampopo (1985).

via Luzhimian


  1. Hi Claudia, through another blog I found yours. I must say I find your space very well indeed is one of the best blogs I have visited. The design is an important part of my of my life, makes me be reborn and live fully. I will come visit him more often and will be a point of reference to know the artists who will serve for the content of my blog ... but I will not copy! :-)
    Good luck, see you soon

  2. I'm very glad you found it!