Mario Sughi

Mario Sughi is an Italian illustrator, cartoonist and historian, living and working in Dublin. In Rome, at the end of the seventies, he worked as humorist in Italian satirical magazines Il Male and Zut. He moved to Dublin in the late eighties where he studied Medieval History and in 1995 he was awarded a PhD by Trinity College Dublin. His colourful illustrations and cartoons, satirical in humour and minimalist in style have been published in international exhibition catalogues (Offf Barcelona 2007, Semi permanent, Sidney 2008, Ink 01 International Illustration Rally, Bilbao 2008); magazines (3x3 Mag / New York, Shift Calendar 2010 / Tokyo, The Dubliner/Dublin, Clam Magazine / Paris - New York, Ideafixa/Brazil, Fluro Magazine / New Zeland), websites ( Juxtapoz, Paintalicious, Yay! Monday! Evilmonito, Design Milk) and art galleries (Sexy Art Gallery, London, The Shiny Squirrel Gallery, NY; Little Paper Airplanes, Los Angeles; Umber Studios, Minneapolis; 180 Gallery Cambridge, Ontario; Wannabee and DOZ Gallery, Milan; Irish Art House, Tullamore and The Loft, Dublin, Ireland, Turn-Berlin, Germany) LÜrzer's Archive included Mario Sughi in their compilation "200 best illustrators worldwide 2009”.

“My illustrations are meaningless, colourful images. And within those images reality and joke mix freely and happily together. I would like to think that my work has been inspired by the playful novels of Milan Kundera, and the work of two very imaginative figurative painters: Francis Bacon and David Hockney. But possibly this is not the case, only a playful trick of my imagination.”—Mario Sughi, 2008.

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