'FL@33 is a multi-lingual and multi-specialised studio for visual communication based in London. Founders Agathe Jacquillat [French from Paris; Academy Julian, ESAG] and Tomi Vollauschek [Austrian, originally from Frankfurt; FH Darmstadt] met on the Royal College of Art's [RCA] postgraduate Communication Art and Design course in 1999 and set up their company in Notting Hill after graduating in July 2001.

The studio works in the areas of Concept Generation, Print, Screenbased Work [Broadcast, Motion Graphics, Interface Design, Websites], Exhibition Design and Publishing. FL@33's mission is to create a professional, vibrant, fresh and artistic body of work while keeping a balance between commissioned and self-initiated projects and publications. FL@33's work philosophy is based on the 'Power of 3' theory – the balance of intellect, skill and emotion.'

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