Christoph Niemann

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Christoph Niemann (born 1970 in Waiblingen, Germany) is an illustrator, graphic designer, and (co)author of several books including some children's books. After his studies in Germany he moved to New York City in 1997. His work has appeared on the covers of The New Yorker, Atlantic Monthly, The New York Times Magazine and American Illustration, and has won awards from AIGA, the Art Directors Club and American Illustration. After 11 years in New York City, he nows lives and works in Berlin. Since July 2008, Niemann has been writing and illustrating Abstract City, a New York Times blog.

"I don’t have aspirations of creating a new style, rather I want to use what’s already out there. I want to be able to use them to communicate certain ideas. That’s why I love 20th century advertising graphics, that’s why I love Renaissance painting."—Interviewed at Xymara.

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