Helen Mycroft

1. Life isn't fair.
2. From the book 'Gone too far'.


Helen Mycroft is a 23 years old designer and illustrator from Sidney. She is an ideas led creative with a love of type, illustration, shapes and patterns. A graduated from Lincoln University—School of Art and Design, she won in 2008 both YCN and ClearChannel student awards. After having spent some time in England, she is now based in Australia.

"I was given the project title How Far Would You Go" but had the freedom to create anything I wanted from that. I decided to use the opportunity to create something personal. I made the first Gone Too Far photo diary in 2008 and filled it with images and drawing to use as a visual reference of England. This year I made a second issue filled with Australian images. It's a good way to highlight all the cultural references I have collated over the years that I can now use in my design work."—From the artist's site.

A great twitter find. Images courtesy of the artist

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