Yang Na

1. Beautiful illusion in the mirror, 2009.
2. Stealing fish. Available at Cyanna.

—Nana’s incredible face is a prominent feature of Yang Na’s artwork. She uses the nose of her pet dog, a pair of wandering, intoxicating and enchanting eyes, an enticing amorous mouth and the trendiest makeup, to demonstrate the beauty of youth that is rife with contradiction..and morbidity. Often surrounded by wriggling objects in the shape of sperm, “Nana” appears to be childish and helpless.
—In the company of glittering jewels, Nana is no stranger to vanity. This young, innocent and pretentious face attracts many viewers to fall in love with the virtual iconic youth..and to yearn for the delight of her presence.
—The fairy tale of “Nana” has in a short time led to Yang Na’s own saga. The quiet Yang Na has a fervent desire to produce works of art, which ordinary beauties can by no means match.
—“Supple Tension” by Victoria Lu, Curator, MOCA Shanghai

A graduate of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, Yang Na was born in Chongqing, China in 1982. She has most recently exhibited at Metaphysical Art Gallery, Taipei, and Art Seasons Gallery in Zurich. Her work has been exhibited in Chongqing Jiang Shan Art Museum, Taipei Museum of Contemporary Art, MOCA Shanghai, Moon River MOCA Beijing, and ChengDu Art Museum.

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