Nina Saunders

1. Never, 1999
2. Sincerely yours, 2007
3. Pure thought, 1996
4. Delicate landscape, 2009

—The cushion bulges have a transformational function, since they can alienate otherwise familiar objects. My work moves between the field of beauty / ugliness, comfort / exclusion, home equity / alienation.
—Chairs are designed to support the human body and thus we identify with them. And as furniture supports specific environments and convey messages about the user's status, ambition and even the sex, age and employment. They have an enormous expressive potential.
—Humor is so important. Ironically, I have had my best laugh in a hospital just before an operation.
Interviewed in danish by Matilde Digmann.

Born in 1958 in Odense, Denmark, Nina Saunders was trained in Central St Martin's and has since 1975 lived and worked in London. She works with "mutated furniture that has been deprived of their original function, rooms that with her radical intervention are allocated social or ideological statements".

via wrongdistance.
Some images retouched by thescienceofdesign.

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