Karina Petersen

Fart / Speed. Typography. Feb 2010.


Here is a little information about the Fart-project provided by Karina on my request:

—The project started with a friend of mine asking me, if I would design two spreads for an online-publication he was planning. Each artist got a word to work with/illustrate. I got the word FART which, additionally to its English meaning, has a second one in Danish: speed. This was my starting point, and from this theme I worked quite freely with shape, colours and texture.

—I see my work as two sided, I have a daytime job as a graphic designer, and I work with a very minimalistic graphic approach, but at the same time I do love to experiment. There is a giving interaction between the two; in the way they supplement each other. I see in my work, both a very strict minimalistic path, but also a much more artistic approach.

Karina Petersen, born in 1982 in Denmark, has recently graduated with a MA in graphic design from the Designskolen Kolding (2009). Her work has been published in ComputerArts Projects, Typeplayer, Playfull type, and in ROJO magazine.

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  1. really good!! I love it!

  2. Anonymous10:11 AM

    This is completely stunning.