Wim Bosch


—Wim Bosch composes his pictures digitally from various photographs of his own and other illustrations; from home decorating magazines or from the Internet. 
As in painting, the empty, white surface forms the point of departure for the illusion of a reality reproduced in photography consisting primarily of independent pictorial elements. 
Though the individual components come together in a coherent order, 
the various perspectives, effects of light and shadow and the colour accentuations create an atmosphere of unreality and artificiality closely approaching photorealistic effects. A few details - a missing shadow, breaks in perspective or spatial relations that are not completely logical – reveal the constructed nature of the pictorial context which is nonetheless sealed off and held together by a homogeneous surface as an “outer skin”.

—The impression is that an extraordinary event has just taken place here. As at the scene of a crime, 
something that has happened seems to be concentrated here, and the viewer attempts to investigate, but without being able to find enough clues about it. The point is therefore not so much to link the pictorial worlds to an external reality as to discover relationships and contradictions within the picture.
—Dr. Christoph Kivelitz - October 2005 MKgalerie

Wim Bosch lives and works in Groningen, The Netherlands.

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