Sahnna Kvist

1. Series: Piece of me.
3. Singles: People.

Soft, exposed, cold, organic, flash, mundane, interior, still life, exterior, spontaneous, warm, stark, mysterious.
b. 1986. Stockholm.

Max Lipsey

1. Tree branches coat hooks. A product for inside that connect indoors to outdoors.
2. Saltball and Hourglass, salt glow lights. Rotating the lamps moves the salt inside changing the diffusion of light.
3. Object/Interviews: The dissection of an iPod. 'Interview', photography and classification of the parts of an iPod.

Thought provoking design of the american designer Max Lipsey. Based in Eindhoven, his work has a base both in objects analysis and rethinking function and process.

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Carlo Galfione

1. Nothing but Flowers. 2008
2. Michail Kalashnikov. 2009
3. Happy Birthday. 2009. All on damask wallpaper.

'Portraits frozen in aseptic perspectival cages, grotesque faces whose age is impossible to determine, profane representations oscillating between an altar panel and a magazine cover'.—Galleria dieffe arte contemporanea in Torino.

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Joe Cariati

Joe Cariati is a designer and glassblower from Los Angeles who produces high quality, hand-crafted contemporary glassware.
"Feather-weight, a lot of light transmission and overall clean lines are really what my glass is about. I'd love to see it float off the table. It's extremely difficult to execute this quality in terms of technique, which I find very exciting, it keeps me engaged in the process." "My approach is to craft the glass quickly and efficiently; clean, pure, simple and beautiful."

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Fred Tomaselli

1. Glassy, 2006.
2. Butterfly effect, 1999.
3. Torso, 1999.
4. Laura, 1995.

b.1956 in California, lives in New York. 'Fred Tomaselli is celebrated for the ecstatic fantasies he presents in his pictures—explosions of color, laced with art-historical references, that both invite transcendence and hint at the more toxic, monstrous visions that can accompany quests for the sublime. He uses a range of techniques, including collage, painting and glazing, to make his highly decorative pictures that are often described as psychedelic—particularly since he has infamously included pills and marijuana leaves among his collage materials (which once led to his works being detained by customs officials in France)'.

"I want people to get lost in the work. I want to seduce people into it and I want people to escape inside the world of the work. In that way the work is pre-Modernist. I throw all of my obsessions and loves into the work, and I try not to be too embarrassed about any of it. I love nature, I love gardening, I love watching birds, and all of that gets into the work. I just try to be true to who I am and make the work I want to see. I don’t have a radical agenda."-source

Gustav Gustaffson

Evasive, mysterious, scandinavian realism, quietness, poignancy, humor, thought provoking, reduced, evocative.
b.1983. Lives and works in Sweden.

Mikaylah Bowman

"I started to take photographs when I turned Fifteen. I don’t know what it was that made me want to start taking them but I think I felt like I knew exactly what I wanted to have the people around me do in them. Wanted strong blank stares and space. Wanted boredom."

"I just want someone to find everything I’ve done in a bin at Savers and take it home and look at it, get bored, leave it somewhere. Ultimately, I think that would be the most honest thing I could do. I think it might be where it belongs."

b.1984. Texas, US.

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The differences between Arial and Helvetica. (I modified the display. See the original here)

" I'm a wack-ademic living in boston. I majored in nomenclature with an emphasis in venn diagramming. Dispatching all manner of curiosities since 1882, I am your good friend raynor."

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Nancy Jeaner

1. Returning (2005). 4 minutes animation.
2. Kentucky Kingdom (2008). 6 minutes animation.
3. No Wedding Cake (2009). Animation 3 1/2 minutes. Music Video for Fol Chen. Asthmatic Kitty Records

Nancy Jean Tucker

Cate & Nelson

Crisis, 2009.

Cate & Nelson will be exhibiting as part of this year's designersblock london 09 which will run from september 24th to 27th in earls court. as part of their display they will be showing 'crisis', a piece of furniture which reminds us of the times we are living in, and what is considered valuable in our society. the shelf has a number of permanent objects which represent and substitute those considered valuables of today's society.

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Neuland - The Future of German Graphic Design

'DesignBy.TwoPoints.Net was founded in 2007 with the aim to do exceptional design work. Work that is tailored to our clients needs, work that excites our clients customers, work that hasn’t been done before, work that does more than work.'

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Richard Mcguire

1-6. Fear(s) of the dark.
7. Here, 1989.

"I didn’t feel going in that I had a universe to protect the way most of the other artists did. Stylistically, I think I’m pretty flexible. I was trying to find my solution to this particular situation. The film I made before looked nothing like this one. In that one [Micro Loup], everything is seen from above looking straight down for the entire film. Everything is abstracted, but once you realize what you’re seeing you follow the story logically."——Aiga interview

Maurice Scheltens

1. Fantastic man packing story, 2008
2. Parnasse, 2008
3. Uniqlo City Still lifes Trendbook, 2008
4. Adidas Trendbook 2008, 2007
5. Zuidas 2008. Campaign for Buildings pojects, Zuidas, Amsterdam.

"The Dutch photographer Maurice Scheltens creates still-lifes that are both hyper realistic and completely artificial. Objects taken from the worlds of commerce, fashion and design are removed from their natural habitats and placed in a new environment, often exposing them to uneasy conditions. Objects balancing on one another or left all alone, lost in a monochrome background. "—Nina Folkersma.

Shawn Kuruneru

Black and white. surreal. faces. collage. figurative. strokes. human. expression. Shawn Kuruneru was born 1984 in Toronto, Ontario and currently lives and works in Montreal, Quebec.

'The clusters of faces are about simultaneity, repetition and my interest in portraiture. My work is an amalgam of drawing and collage which is why there is strange juxtapositions and repeated imagery. I edit, layer, cut, distort and simplify a lot of my drawings. I like the idea that there will never be a singular perfect version of something.'—Fecalface.

Joshua Kemble

1. Filter heroes. 'Their only known weaknesses are large file sizes and molecular solvents. Concept by Chopshop and illustration and interpretation by Joshua Kemble.'
2. The hall of cliche super heroes T-Shirt for Threadless. (Background modified for blog display. See the original.)
3. The league of evil cliche super- villains T-Shirt for Threadless. (Background modified for blog display. See the original.)

Illustrator based in Portland, Oregon.


Ben Glezer, photographer. Identity.

Coöp is a collective of creatives founded in 2004 by Paul Marcus Fuog. The idea was to establish a creative environment where designers could fluidly and dynamically work together – sharing, inspiring and experimenting. The team of Coöp includes Dan Honey, Paul Fuog and Bec Worth.

'Our design philosophy is holistic. We combine critical thought, style, function and finish to create aesthetically pleasing designs that work. Uniting theoretical foundation with imagination, our work is both ordered and playful and is defined as contemporary with classic sensibilities. We are influenced by swiss-german design, object-based photography, clean typography and ordered grid-based designs.'