Miles Aldridge

1-2. Bang! Bang! Numero 97, 2008.
3-4. The last range of colors. Vogue Italia, 2007.
5. Blue velvet. Numero, 2004.
6. Le manege enchante. Numero, 2007.
7. Gold bold. Vogue Nippon, 2006.

'While his ideas go down on paper first, it's his cinematic execution that transforms his real-life inpiratins into the high kitsch glamour for which he is celebrated. 'I'm quite a classicist', says Aldridge. 'I rarely use just one light source. If there are shadows, there has to be a good reason for me not to put blue into them, and I will usually warm the highlights. I want every element to be as fabulous as it can be.'

"I'm often shooting quite sleazy scenarios, so aesthetically the photographs need to be as elegant as they can be.' The ads he shoots are done using a Hasselblad H-system camera with a Phase One P45 digital back." —British journal of photography.

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