Cengiz Bodur


Cengiz Bodur was born in Germany and raised in Turkey, where he gained a degree in Fine Arts at the Hecettepe University in Ankara. He currently lives and works in London and Turkey. His work is mostly done in vector graphics and is greatly influenced by nature. "I particularly like vector-based works. I believe this style has made a huge difference to the art and design world.”—Computer arts.

"Until 5 years ago, it would not have crossed my mind that professionally, I would ever be able to illustrate via a computer. Apart from painting, I was also interested in Web Designing and I used to like moving images by using Flash. During the time that I was in London, losing my hopes on finding a proper job to make my living, I began to search for some solutions. Gradually, I felt an interest in vector illustrations based on the designs of shop windows and advertisements along the London Streets. Then I created my first portfolio within a year. I think as an industrious person, learning everything by myself has also been an advantage for me."—Interviewed by designtaxi.

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