Johann Rosenmunthe

Anonymous, 2008.
Off, 2008.

"I have been preoccupied by exploring how you might view the world in a slightly different manner. It's human nature to categorize every thing in boxes and turn situations and people into stereotypes in order to comprehend the world. In the wake of globalization we have to include almost every human being on the planet since the natural distance between people has been erased. That means that you invariably will—and have to—reduce people to anonymous stereotypes. Just like others do the same thing to you.

I find it interesting when the philosopher Slavoj Zizek talks about the downside of globalization. He believes we have to develop a new way of distancing ourselves from people we don't know, so that we are able to treat them with the respect a completely unknown person deserves. We can't act as if we know other cultures as well as our and can't criticize them as we can our own culture."—Interview with Ann Bülow, 2009.

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