Max Bill

1. Johannes Itten: die farbe. Zurich, 1944. Original image taken by Felix Wiedler at which I retouched to visualize how it could have looked originally.
2-3. Via skelemitz.

Max Bill (1908-1994) Switzerland
Swiss-born German artist, Max Bill, was a product of the Bauhaus generation, pupil of Walter Gropius and kindred spirit of Le Corbusier and Mies VanderRohewas. He was a virtuoso designer and creative artist, as his diverse activities as a painter, architect, sculptor, teacher, and designer amply demonstrate.

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  1. i had been researching about max bill for school so this was useful, thanks. also, good to know that you recreated that book cover, and where does it originally come from.

    in my research i found a couple of blogs that also share this cover:

    thought you might be interested!

  2. thank you!!