Hans Neuburg

Schweizerischer Werkbund (SKW) Ausstellung
Kunstgewerbemuseum Zürich, 1950

Felix Wiedler writes:

"The swiss werkbund (swb), founded in 1913, is an association of designers and architects whose goal is to achieve "good and functionally" designed products. This is the catalogue of an exhibition which showed the work of the zürich group. The catalogue cover is a design by hans neuburg (1904-1983), one of the pioneers of the swiss "constructive" graphic design style. Neuburg also contributed a text "grafik nach swb-norm": he propagates an ascetic design style without ornaments – in the vein of industrial design, modern architecture and "concrete" art."

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All images via Wiedler. I worked on the cover to see how this book could have looked when new.

The palette I did based on Neuburg's work


  1. nice palette! you referred to a book on my website - i mended some links so the pictures show up correctly now!
    best, felix

  2. hi felix, thanks for letting me know. your website is amazing by the way!

    i wanted to imagine how this book could have look when new and so I photoshopped to visualize it -hopefully to contribute to your ongoing great collection of book design.

    best wishes, claudia