Paul Sahre

1. Ripped 2009. Cover in collaboration with Rachel Matts
2. NY Mag. illustration. 2006.
3. From Greg with Luv poster. 2006.
4. Killing the Buddha, 2004. Photograph by Jason Fulford.
5. Thinking About Outer Space... poster. 2004.
6. Hallmark Lecture poster. 2002.

Paul Sahre established his own design company in New York, in 1997. Consciously maintaining a small office, he has nevertheless established a large presence in graphic design. His office is part design studio, part silkscreen lab, where he prints designs and prints posters for various theatres, while on the other side of the office, he designs book covers. Paul received his BFA and MFA in graphic design from Kent State and teaches graphic design at the School of Visual Arts. He is a member of Alliance Graphic International.—source.

Images retouched by thescienceofdesign.

—A designer and his problems lecture at Aiga.
—All his book covers at the Book cover archive.
—Paul Sahre studio, lecture at the Walker art centre.