Are Mokkelbost

ION-OMNI Collage series,2005 and 2008,
Oslo’s National Academy of the Arts, 2002.

Alex McLeod

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Hiroshi Manaka


Helm aka Telemachus Stavropoulos.

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Superbomba is a photography collectress.


Moire is Marc Kappeler & Markus Reichenbach.
Design for a monograph on the occasion of the exhibition ‘Cory Arcangel (BEIGE): Nerdzone Number 1’ at Migros Museum für Gegenwartskunst, Zurich, 2005.


Playstation Portable / Royal Academy of Art
"Six Students from Design Products, Industrial Design Engineering and Interaction Design at the Royal College of Art designed a landscape of concept furniture derived from the statue-like forms of people sitting, standing or leaning against walls engaged in playing the PlayStation Portable (PSP). Visitors to the exhibition are able to enter these forms and play on the console while exposed to an audio installation echoing player activity". December 2005.
Photography: Tom Fecht

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Johan Prag

Kahimi Karie ‘Specialothers’ / CD album design
Swedish art director, lives and work in Japan.

Magic Garden

"The magic garden is a soft crystal kit that you make with die cut blotting paper mountains and trees, and some chemical water. It's a classic toy from the 50s, I think. I sell these kits in my store, Avalanche Looms."
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Gretchen Nash

3d statistics charts from her book 'Dear Gretchen'.

Swiss Design

From the book, Corporate Diversity : Swiss Graphic Design and Advertising by Geigy 1940 - 1970


Esque Studio

Anatomical heart vase
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Campana Brothers

Campana brothers for Edra at Milan design week 09. Interior design.
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Anne Taintor


Mike Slack, Polaroid artist. By Funnel, Eric Kass

And other nice ideas:

I would love to see this car in one color, mate white, shiny plastic red. On the front window the name of the person and on the bottom his/her info. Other shapes could work as well: colorful polygons like diamonds, houses, pyramids, etc.

by francesca pasini
Handcrafted cards are always eyecatching. In other variants they could as well have the shape of an animal, object, or logo and serve as a brooch or a bracelet.

by stefan sagmeister

by bbsaunders

microperforated cards present so many possibilities. I'm thinking of adhesive microperforated plastic cards placed on windows so that they cast a shadow on the opposite wall. The shadow of a swimmer about to jump to a pool, shadows of animals, lovers.. the options are unlimited.