Design Studio. London.
Identity. Personal cards.

Siggi Eggertsson
b. in Iceland. Based at different times in New York, Berlin and London, he is currently living and working in Iceland.

'Eggertsson’s work is entirely different. No sketches, doodles or brush strokes. No cutouts or found objects. His style takes advantage of pattern rules, vector shapes, lines and plenty of flat colour. It’s a bit like pixel art, softened with a nice analogue twist. He’s creating a feel that’s simple and expressive, and what is giving him the staying power - and capturing the imagination of art directors and his fellow illustrators - is that he’s continuing to develop it.'

“I’ve always been interested in simplifying things and at some point I started playing with the combination of geometric shapes and colour,” he says. “I kept on developing this, my rules within the grid became more defined and strict, but at the same time, the shapes became softer. It’s still developing and I’m really interested in how far I can take the style.”—Interview with Garrick Webster for computer arts.